Dutch Fashion Designer Mattijs van Bergen and spatial designer Oeri van Woezik created an Amsterdam Rainbow Dress in collaboration with COC Amsterdam and showcased it on Friday.

But, the message behind this dress is everything:

The dress is designed to highlight the rights of LGBT community at a global level. Adorned by a transgender model Valentijn de Hingh, the bodice of the dress has Amsterdam flag on it as it is known to be the safest place for LGBT people. And, the layers of the gown are made up of flags of 72 countries where LGBT has no rights or it is illegal.

Peter de Ruijter, Chairman, COC Amsterdam stated, “Historically, Amsterdam has always been a safe haven for those who were not safe because of their ideas or because of who they were.”

“We wanted, however, to give an activating message, that this role as a safe haven is not automatic. It needs to be supported and upheld by the Amsterdam citizens from a shared understanding of equality for all… Given the current influx of refugees from the Middle East and Africa the dress signals to the Amsterdam citizens: contribute, involve yourselves, connect.”

So profound!

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