Creation and purpose of the Amsterdam Rainbow Foundation

1. “The objective of the foundation is:

  1. to generate attention for the position of Lesbians, Homosexuals, Bisexuals and Transgenders (hereinafter: “LGBT people”) through (international) presentations of the artwork the Amsterdam Rainbow Dress (created by Arnout van Krimpen, Jochem Kaan, Oeri van Woezik and Mattijs van Bergen) in countries where LGBT people are prohibited by law, to improve the position of LGBT people and to combat discrimination, whereby public presentations of the Amsterdam Rainbow Dress in Amsterdam are organized in collaboration with COC Amsterdam;

  2. generate attention for the position of LGBT refugees in the places where the Amsterdam Rainbow Dress is presented;

  3. the Amsterdam Rainbow Dress that is presented to the Amsterdam Museum / Municipality of Amsterdam by COC Amsterdam and artists / designers Arnout van Krimpen, Jochem Kaan, Oeri van Woezik and Mattijs van Bergen – in collaboration with the Amsterdam Museum, in maintain, update and archive use;

  4. and everything that belongs to it, is related to it or can be beneficial to it, one in the broadest sense of the word.

2. The foundation explicitly does not aim to make a profit.

3. The following is excluded from the goal: making payments to those who are part of the bodies of the foundation.

4. The objectives must be implemented in such a way that the foundation complies with the laws and regulations with regard to public benefit organizations within the meaning of the General Government Tax Act or a scheme that has taken its place.”

Policy plan 2019-2021

Download here (in Dutch)

Remuneration Policy

The foundation explicitly does not aim to make a profit. Board members receive no remuneration

Annual reports

ANBI status

De ANBI status is toegekend. Vanaf 1 januari 2012 geldt voor donateurs van ANBI’s een giftenaftrek.

Zie deze webpagina van de Belastingdienst voor meer informatie. Klik hier al u stichting financieel wilt ondersteunen.

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