Over a third of all countries in the world have anti-LGBT+ legislation. The Amsterdam Rainbow Dress promotes awareness about this state-sponsored homo-, bi- and transphobia. The dress is a living work of art made from the national flags of all these countries.
The Amsterdam Rainbow Dress Foundation carries out missions across the globe, presents the dress and her message, educates, creates awareness, offers a platform of support for those who are displaced because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.
When a country abolishes these laws, the respective flag will be replaced with a rainbow flag. Over time, the Amsterdam Rainbow Dress will hopefully transform into one big rainbow dress.

Contact us – anonymously if and when needed:

Arnout van Krimpen: +31619604424
Niels Brouwer: +31610011499

© image by George Kalfamanolis – Amsterdam Rainbow Dress Foundation, 2018 (Athens) (The rights over the depicted antiquities belong to the Ministry of Culture and Sport – Fund for Archeological Resources)