Drawing attention with a dress which diameter reaches over 16 meters, is an easy first. Starting the conversation on the meaning behind the different flags, is second. But changing opinions and move LGBTI+ rights forward, is our ultimate goal.

The Amsterdam Rainbow Dress sparks conversation through awe, and coming 2021 Worldpride and EuroGames in Copenhagen will be no different.

During the Human Rights Forum in Malmö, the Amsterdam Rainbow Dress will be on display to highlight discussions regarding forces displacement and the rights of LGBTI+ refugees.

This is a short documentary about the project and story behind Amsterdam Rainbow Dress, a Dutch initiative, made of the national flags of all countries that criminalise LGBTI+ people. It portrays the ambition behind the project; to demand visibility through conversations on LGTBI+ rights worldwide. A film directed by Moa Wiking.

Directed by: Moa.wiking
DoP: @olssonoliver
Cast: @javivilm
Make-up: @maccosmeticsnordics @angelicaholmstedt
Hair/ Groom: @headonhair @headonhairbysara
Stylist: @ama.awe.official