It’s October 11, International Coming Out Day. A day to support all LGTBIQ+ community members to come out of the closet. But also to ask attention for all the places in the world where coming out is not accepted, LGTBIQ+ lifestyles and rights are marginalised at best, or criminalised at worst.

Gabrielle Scholten is the second secretary to the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Berlin. With Human Rights in her portfolio, she is very active in advocating LGBTIQ+ rights on behalf of the Dutch government.

The Netherlands prioritises human rights worldwide. Grounded in the firm belief people must be free to love whom they love and be who they want to be. In the current climate, even within the European borders, LGBTIQ+ rights are under attack by conservative forces.

Displaying the Amsterdam Rainbow Dress at iconic Berlin landmarks, we hope to increase visibility and spark conversations but above all, celebrate diversity. Especially during International Coming Out Day!

Also watch our Berlin models:

Martini Cherry Furter at the Brandenburger Tor
Thomas at the Berlin Wall Gallery
Fan Wu at the Dutch Embassy to the Kingdom of the Netherlands