– Mission History

Below you can find an epitome of the mission history of the Amsterdam Rainbow Dress. A short description and links to applicable reports and articles are also included. All press releases (English and Dutch) plus downloads of the art-photography images can be found in the press section.

Amsterdam Museum donation

On Wednesday, August 2 2017 the Amsterdam Rainbow Dress was donated to the Amsterdam Museum. The dress is therefore part of the history of the city of Amsterdam. The Amsterdam Rainbow Dress Foundation will continue to travel with the dress, raising awareness on state-sponsored homophobia worldwide. The object has now however been granted a status of museum piece and is therefore strengthened in it’s cause.

Press release on the donation of the Amsterdam Rainbow Dress to the Amsterdam Museum (Dutch | PDF- file).

The San Francisco mission

In May 2017, the foundation traveled to San Francisco as part of an LGBTI+ focused mission with Amsterdam deputy mayor Kukenheim, with the support of the cities of Amsterdam and San Francisco and the Dutch General Consulate in San Francisco. The foundation was enabled to produce a set of strong images showcasing the Amsterdam Rainbow Dress: a token of strength, resilience and support for the LGBT+ community and those who are displaced because of anti-LGBT+ legislation worldwide. The Amsterdam Rainbow Dress Foundation is sincerely grateful to have been enabled to continue the worldwide campaign for awareness on anti-gay legislation and those affected by oppression, violence and prosecution because of who they are or whom they love.

Report on the LGBTI+ mission from Amsterdam to San Francisco by deputy mayor Simone Kukenheim (Dutch | Municipality of Amsterdam website).

Article on the presentation of the Amsterdam Rainbow Dress at San Francisco City Hall (Dutch | Municipality of Amsterdam website).

Announcement of the Amsterdam Rainbow Dress joining the LGBTI+ mission from Amsterdam to San Francisco by deputy mayor Simone Kukenheim (Dutch | Municipality of Amsterdam website).


On May 17 2017 we celebrated IDAHOT with the Amsterdam Rainbow Dress being presented to the Equal Rights Coalition at the Dutch ministry of foreign affairs in The Hague, the Netherlands. IDAHOT, The International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia, is about looking back and looking forward. We are very proud to have presented the Amsterdam Rainbow Dress at the ministry of Foreign Affairs, in presence of their excellencies minister Koenders and the ambassadors of the countries that are part of the Equal Rights Coalition. IDAHOT is the day we commemorate the declassification of homosexuality as a mental disorder by the WHO, which happened on May 17, 1990. With 75 countries incorporated in the Amsterdam Rainbow Dress, there is still a lot to be achieved around the globe.

Amsterdam Rainbow Dress presented at the Dutch ministry of Foreign Affairs (EN | Website of the Dutch government).

Speech of Dutch foreign minister Koenders during IDAHOT 2017 (EN | Website of the Dutch government).

Article on human rights report (Dutch | Website of the Dutch government).

The New York mission

In September 2016, the Amsterdam Rainbow Dress project was part of the Amsterdam cultural trade mission traveling to New York City to promote arts and culture. More than 60 institutions took part in this mission and our team was present to promote the Amsterdam Rainbow Dress in the Big Apple. This was made possible by the Creative Industries Fund NL and the city of Amsterdam. Watch a video registration of the dress’ presentation:

Amsterdam Rainbow Dress – New York City 2016

Rotterdam Pride 2016

The New Institute, Museum for Architecture, Design and Digital Culture located at the Museumpark in Rotterdam, Showcased the Amsterdam Rainbow Dress during Rotterdam Pride.

Article about the presentation (Dutch).


Quick links

An up-to-date list of all flags currently incorporated in the Amsterdam Rainbow Dress*.

Download all available press materials here.

Image: Valentijn de Hingh presents the Amsterdam Rainbow Dress in the Gallery of Honour at the Rijkmuseum, in front of Rembrandt’s iconic Night Watch. Image by Pieter Henket Studio.

* List of countries as comprised by the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association (ILGA). The flag of Belize has since been replaced with the rainbow flag. The Amsterdam Rainbow Dress in her current form consists of 75 national flags, 1 rainbow flag and 4 flags of the City of Amsterdam.